Weekend Writing Warriors 8/24/14 #WeWriWa

Continuing on from last week’s story, Dark Paradise, about two teens – good girl Celly and reformed bad boy Duke. Their friends have set them up on a date at the fair.

As they walk towards the Ferris wheel, Celly’s heart pounds. She still wants to kill Mona for putting her in this situation, but she has to admit that Duke isn’t necessarily the worst person to be set up with. Tall, understatedly muscular, with smoldering dark eyes – yes, it could’ve been a lot worse.


“So,” he says, breaking the silence, “they tell me you like to just stay home all the time.”


“No, I like to go out too.” She hopes he can’t see her burning face in the dark, then wonders why she even cares. “Sometimes.”


“Is this one of those times?”

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  1. I so like this dialogue and inner thought reveal. He’s playing it cool. I like him and his attitude. I say, lighten up, girl. Lovely piece of life, ED.

  2. I like the dialog as well, very natural. I hope she can get past herself to enjoy the time with him, because he seems pretty dreamy to ME. Great snippet!

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