Weekend Writing Warriors 8/31/14 #WeWriWa

Continuing on from last week’s story, Dark Paradise, about two teens in the early 1960’s – good girl Celly and reformed bad boy Duke. Their friends have set them up on a date at the fair, and they’ve ended up on the Ferris Wheel.

The Ferris Wheel starts with a creak and a jolt. Celly clutches the bar in front of her and ignores Duke laughing at her insecurity.


“Relax, nothing bad’ll happen.” As if to prove his point, he starts the chair swinging.


“Stop it,” she tells him as the bile begins rising in the back of her throat.


“Or what?”


“Or I’ll-”


He leans in and cuts her off with a kiss.

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  1. No vomiting, please. Sealed with a kiss and I do love the dialogue. Your writing is so good.

  2. Wow, he moves fast! Be interesting to see how she reacts…intriguing excerpt!

  3. A kiss maybe isn’t the best idea if she’s getting nauseated.

  4. Duke is a brave guy! But I’ll bet the kissing helps her forget about the nausea. :-) I love the feel of this.

  5. Oh dear!! I’m terrified of ferris wheels and imagining that had me cringing! Can’t wait to see how she reacts to the kiss though.

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