Weekend Writing Warriors 8/17/14 #WeWriWa

This week’s snippet is from from a WIP novella, Dark Paradise. Set in the early 60′s, it’s about the relationship between two teens, good girl Celly and reformed bad boy Duke. In this excerpt, they’ve both been dragged to the fair by their friends, whom Celly has discovered have set them up on a date.

“Date?” she asks.


“‘Date’ might not be the right term. Hank slipped me a couple dollars to keep you occupied so he could take off with your friend. Maybe babysitting is more appropriate.”


Celly stares at him, mouth open, cheeks red. Mona dragged her along just so someone could be paid to babysit her? She’s definitely going to kill her friend.


He grins at her discomfort and asks, “So, Ferris wheel first or do you want something to eat?”

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  1. “Maybe babysitting is more appropriate.” ??? Hey, that’s a bit rough. LOL Nice snippet though. :)

  2. You nailed teens attitude and interaction. Terrifice eight.

  3. Terrific. Always double check spelling. Sorry, ED

  4. Wow. What openness and honesty. What a slap in the face. Great post.

  5. I’d be mad at Mona too but this might turn out ok – I like Duke, just knowing he’s a reformed bad boy LOL. Fun snippet!

  6. Thanks for describing Celly’s reaction rather than telling us she was mad.
    Well done.

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