Weekend Writing Warrior 6/20/21 #8Sunday

Heartsbane logoWelcome back for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop, where a bunch of writers share 8-10 sentences from a current or recent WIP. I’m continuing to share from book 3.5 of my Heartsbane Saga series of fairy tales retold in a world of Vikings.

This story is a retelling of The Ugly Duckling, and it centers on Uli, the childhood nurse of Prince Brandulfur who accompanies him on all his adventures, even when he’s grown up. This week’s snippet continues on directly from last week’s. Uli’s stepfather told her to make herself scarce the next few days as a nearby noble visits, so she’s headed out to play in the woods.

* * * * * * *

Uli’s grin widened the farther she rode from the farm. Early summer was her favorite time of the year; the weather was still cool but not chilly, and the daylight stretched seemingly forever. Her father had told tales of farther north, near the edge of the world, where there was no night during the summer, and she longed to discover whether that was true. His tales also told of giants in the north, and sea serpents, and the Drottnar, a race of demigods who were as powerful as the Fates themselves, with knowledge of everything that had ever happened and everything that would come to pass.

Her grin dampened. Her father had been killed in a raid across the sea when she was just a little girl, and even nearly a dozen years later, she still missed him dearly. If he were still alive, she knew he wouldn’t push her to be merely a housewife. She sighed. He wasn’t here, and unless the Drottnar intervened, her fate was already decided.

* * * * * * *

And the rest of that scene:

But that was in the future, and today was a beautiful day all her own to enjoy. She slipped off her horse, removed her boots, and padded barefoot alongside him. The moss and dirt were cool beneath her toes. She bent down to pick up a rounded pebble for her sling, and then whirled around as an arrow whizzed past her head.

* * * * * * *

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  1. Whoa! That was close. Who’s shooting at her?

  2. That was quite the way to end what at first seemed like a calm snippet! Where did that arrow come from?

  3. I enjoyed the way the snippet ended on such a dramatic moment, when I’d been carried along by her enjoyment of the outdoors…terrific.

  4. A lovely peaceful scene – interrupted by an arrow! Good writing.

  5. What a way to end such a peaceful scene!

  6. I love that she’s thinking her Fate is sealed . . . and then an arrow whizzes by her head. Nicely dramatic.

  7. Whew! What an ending! Who shot at her? :-)

    Nice bit of back story. You’ve set up her challenge quite well. :-)

  8. Great backstory but what a place to end the snippet. Who is shooting arrows at her?

  9. I love how you described the setting with the temperature. Instantly transported to the scene.

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