Weekend Writing Warrior 10/23/16 #8Sunday

After All coverIt’s almost Halloween, so I’m continuing on with excerpts from several related short stories I wrote this summer, all interconnected and dealing with the apocalypse.

Here’s what we have so far:

  • “Special” – a pair of twins with special abilities living in caves due to airstrikes
  • “The Graveyard” – a plague kills off most of a western mining town
  • “E.L.E.” – two polar opposite campers must work together to survive a meteor strike
  • “After the Flood” – a naive, pampered girl tries to survive when the economy crashes and anarchy becomes the ruling system

This week I’m pulling from “Passing,” the story that ties together all the other ones. This excerpt picks up from last week’s.

* * * * * * *

Jet slowed and held his immobilizer ready.

A small boy sat on the forest floor, tear tracks streaking his dirty face. Jet’s specs tried to scan him but blinked out, and he pushed them off his face.

<<Specs are down,>> he sent to Luce.

<<Mine too. I don’t like this.>>

Specs were Spark-proof; they might go down, but both sets at once?

Jet aimed his immobilizer. Just as his finger began to squeeze down on the trigger, the kid winked at him. Static burst across his comlink as the kid mutated into his energy form, and then all went black.

* * * * * * *

I’m planning to release the whole collection next weekend, so you’ll be able to find out just what Sparks are and who Jet is.

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  1. Hmm, tears and then a wink? There is definitely a lot more to this boy than meets the eye. Good job!

  2. Well that’s a clever idea! Very good way to get readers to read all of them. Very interesting story lines.

    History Sleuth’s Mysteries

  3. I did not expect that! I do love the concept behind all of these stories.

  4. There’s a lot more to him. Great snippet

  5. Can’t wait to read the entire collection! Enjoyed today’s snippet, very ominous and tense.

  6. This poor, innocent little kid ain’t so innocent after all.

    BTW, Effing forgot to link my blog post to my WeWriWa (watch out, cat, or you’ll be replaced by Twiggles the dog!) but here it is.

  7. Well, they were not prepared for that! I’m still trying to decide if these are like police or witch-hunters, so I’m not sure how sorry I ought to be for them.

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