Weekend Writing Warrior 10/16/16 #8Sunday

After All coverIt’s almost Halloween, so for the rest of the month I’ll continue on with excerpts from several related short stories I wrote this summer, all interconnected and dealing with the apocalypse.

Here’s what we have so far:

  • “Special” – a pair of twins with special abilities living in caves due to airstrikes
  • “The Graveyard” – a plague kills off most of a western mining town
  • “E.L.E.” – two polar opposite campers must work together to survive a meteor strike
  • “After the Flood” – a naive, pampered girl tries to survive when the economy crashes and anarchy becomes the ruling system

This week I’m pulling from “Passing,” the story that ties together all the other ones. This excerpt picks up from last week’s.

* * * * * * *

Movement off to Jet’s left caught his attention, and his specs identified an energy cloud matching their target’s signature.

<<Ready to roll?>> he shot across the comlink as he sent Luce the coordinates.

<<That can’t be right; I’m picking up his cloud behind us.>>

<<Check it out. I’m moving towards this cloud.>>

<<Be careful – this doesn’t make sense.>>

Jet pushed through the underbrush, looking for their target; energy clouds dissipated quickly so the kid had to be close.

A tree branch cracked ahead, and he sprinted towards the noise as soundlessly as he could, reaching for his immobilizer as he ran. He’d zap the kid, load him up, and be home for dinner. After a week of tracking, it couldn’t come too soon.

* * * * * * *

I’m aiming to have all these stories polished and out together by Halloween. Wish me luck! :)

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  1. Home for dinner, hmm?

    I suspect not!

    Good luck in meeting your deadline, may your muses be in attendance ;-}

  2. Uh oh, anytime a thing doesn’t make sense, disaster probably looms! Good luck with getting the book out, can’t wait…I love apocalyptic fiction.

  3. Verrry interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Good luck getting your book out.

  4. I find myself wondering whether Jet is a good guy or villain. Based solely on this short snippet, it could go either way.

  5. I don’t think sprinting towards the thing that doesn’t make sense is ‘being careful.’ In fact, I suspect it’s the opposite!

  6. Ah, deadlines! Good luck with that! Like the snippet!

  7. I doubt it’s gong to be that easy. ;) Best of luck with your writing deadline!

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