Weekend Writing Warriors 4/12/15 #8Sunday

This week I’m continuing on from last week’s “Spice Pirates,” a historical-ish short story/novella I’m working on.

Rosamaria’s sick brother just wants to be a pirate, so she enlists the help of her friends Origano, Clovio, and Anisa to take him on a pirate adventure. But then the REAL pirates show up….

Last week introduced Origano, fresh off a boat from the Old World. This week picks up with Rosamaria.

 * * * * * * * * * * *

Rosamaria stood behind the counter of her father’s open-air shop, her mind only half on the task of selling the vegetables, sausages, and spices displayed before her. Her senses took in the gentle rise and fall of the vessels moored in the harbor, the gulls’ raucous calls, the rotting fish washed up on shore, and the salty breeze playing against her skin. All of these she carefully etched onto her mind to take home to her brother, Basil, who had caught swamp fever two months ago and was now stuck in bed, too weak to help their father on the plantation or load the harvest at the docks.

But it wasn’t all bad. He was expected to recover almost fully, and in the meantime Rosamaria was able to run the small shop rather than being stuck in the parlor at home, knitting yet another yard of lace for her wedding chest. She sighed. Clovio, her suitor, was the son of one of the richest merchants in town, a major port that boasted wealth for all who traveled here. Shouldn’t she be able to just buy lace when she needed it?

 * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Wonderful description and I love her question at the end. It’s an excellent question;). Great 8.

  2. Sounds like Rosamaria is in need of an adventure! Love your description of the harbor.

  3. Wonderful writing, ED. The heroine will find a way out of her boring situation.

  4. Great writing. Wonderful use of senses put me right there. Love it

  5. You drew me right in with your descriptions. Great imagery. Rosamarie needs a change. I have feeling there just might be one in her future. :)

  6. Quite atmospheric, loved the description and the backstory about her life, which I thought you gave us very smoothly. Excellent excerpt!

  7. What a vivid description! I could almost smell those fish! Totally enjoyable eight!!

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