Weekend Writing Warriors 1/11/15 #8sunday

horseNew year, new story! This month I’ll be pulling from a novella series I’m working on, with each book based on a different fairy tale. Today’s snippet is from the first one (no title yet).

Last week, MC Nyah stole back a chicken from her betrothed, Wynne. This week, she’s talking to her younger sister Payton about him.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“I dinnae know why you even put up with Wynne; you aren’t a good match for him.”

I busied myself with arranging our few plates on the small table as I said, “Father wanted this marriage, and I cannot go against his wishes.”

She didn’t answer, so I continued, “Wynne isn’t so bad. He means well, and even though he did steal our chicken, he’ll make a good husband, especially as son of the mayor. We’ll make sure to focus on a match of love for you.”

“I don’t want to marry, especially no one in this village, but if I do have to, I want to marry a prince, or one of the merchants who passes through and travels the world, or a traveling prince.” She wrinkled her nose and said, “Wynne is none of those things; why, he cannot even write his own name.”

“He can write his own name, he just can’t write anything besides it.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. You saved the laugh line for the end of the snippet. That’s when I giggled. Fun in a world you’ve created.

  2. Well I can see that this affair started on the wrong foot or maybe young Wynne’s ink will dry up too soon?

  3. I love fairy tales. Good luck with the series. I like the connection between the two sisters and the last line shows a lot. Great 8.

  4. The younger sister mentions a prince twice. I take it she’s really set on that idea…if she has to marry, I mean.

    Kind of hoping that Nyah can get out of the betrothal to Wynne. What kind of guy steals a chicken from his own betrothed?

  5. I like the sister and her dreams, hope she gets to make at least some of them real. I’m with the others, really enjoyed the way you ended the snippet!

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