2014 book roundup

gr2014One of my goals for 2014 was to read 100 books. I made it just past halfway, with a total of 56 (I didn’t include textbooks or journal articles I read for grad school, or kids books I read with my son, even the chapter books like the Ninja Meercats or Dragonslayers Academy series).

Here’s a breakdown of what I read:

  •     6 (11%) were either kids or young adult; the rest were adult.
  •     3 (5%) were nonfiction and the rest were fiction.
  •     17 (30%) were single short stories (yes, I realize it’s cheating to include those), and 10 (18%) were short story anthologies.
  •     I know the authors of 34 (61%) of the books; 8 of the authors (15 of the books or 27%) of them are also with my publisher, Evolved.
  •     Only 7 (13%) were books that randomly caught my eye on a library shelf or website; all the rest were either recommended or written by someone I know or follow online.

Best books I read in 2014:

If you challenged yourself to read a set number of books in 2014, how did you end up doing?  What were your favorites?  Anything you particularly disliked?

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