Weekend Writing Warriors 10/26/14 #8Sunday

newtimandsara2October = Halloween = horror.

Here’s a snippet from “Tim and Sara,” about two friends who escape from a mental institution. In this scene, Sara is explaining why she had to break out.

“I’ve made some mistakes in my life, Tim. I’ve messed up. When they pointed it out, I realized it, and I realized I had to make up for it. Which is what I’m doing, right now. I won’t bore you with the details of the conversations we had. Just know that this is big. It’s my soul we’re talking about, a second chance. And the people at Kirkbride, they didn’t understand.”

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  1. Hmm, what did this girl do? Looking forward to finding out a bit more : )

  2. I wonder why they were in the mental institution to begin with and what it was the people there didn’t understand. Very mysterious.

    1. Tim has catatonic PTSD, and Sara is schizophrenic and very susceptible to what the voices tell her to do.

  3. I wonder why they were in the mental institution in the first place and what it is people here didn’t understand. Very mysterious.

  4. Sara sounds so sensible that it makes me nervous (since we know they were in a mental institute!). Very well done snippet!

  5. Wonderful intrigue you’re building in this snippet, E.D.I like her voice, and I’ve formed lots of questions (which is good–I’d read more to see what it’s all about). :-)

  6. Oh, I do love this more and more. She’s having rational moments and will find her way in the world.

  7. Great tension without over stating it and we now have a clear idea of what the stakes are – HIGH! Love your writing style.

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