Weekend Writing Warriors 10/19/14 #8sunday

October = Halloween = horror!

newtimandsara2Here’s a snippet from “Tim and Sara,” about two friends who escape from a mental institution. In this scene, Tim has gotten them kicked off their Greyhound bus and they’re spending the night in a bus station.

I wake in the middle of the night. The station lobby is empty, lights off but the parking lot streetlights provide more than enough illumination in here. Sara lies next to me, curled in a ball, hair in her face. I reach over, brush it off and behind her ear. Her face is relaxed as she sleeps, peaceful.


I stretch, return to sleep but I’m awakened by a loud noise. I open my eyes, afraid to move, and see Sara is in the corner, pleading with someone who may not even be there, stomping her feet, crying. I know I should help her but I’m afraid of her voices, afraid of what they might make her do if they find out I’m listening.

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  1. Ew, creepy, yet cool. You’ve set up a very vivid atmosphere. Great eight!

  2. Beautifully sad, E.D. They are in the wrong place. You tell a touching story. Thanks.

  3. Always a twist and it’s especially hard for the characters and us to know what’s really happening – I admire the way you’ve written this! Great – if sad – snippet.

  4. Wonderful! I loved everything about this snippet. You write great suspense and atmosphere not to mention creepy. I will definitely buy your book! Love it!

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