Weekend Writing Warriors 3/30/14 #WeWriWa

Not My Thing coverThis week continues with the story from last week, “Not My Thing,” which will be released as a free short ebook by Evolved Publishing in early April.

When The Dancing Freemasons embark on their first major tour, Jeff’s dreams of being a rockstar have come true – until he can no longer connect with the music. One night after a show, he meets a woman who might be the one to get the music flowing again, but is the cost worth it?

He’s been chatting with the woman, with lots of awkwardness on both sides, but they’re slowly warming up to each other.

An idea dances into his mind, reverberating through his thought processes and overcoming the musical inertia that’s been plaguing him the last few days. “Since you’re not a fan of Electric Comet, what do you say we blow off their set and grab a bite to eat?”


A reluctant wariness crawls across her eyes, and she says, “That’s not really my thing.”


“You need to get back to your friends.” A chorus of “told you so” threatens to drown out the fledgling song of hope murmuring through his thoughts.


Her phone beeps, then a half-step later rings. She turns it off. “Let’s go.”

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  1. I’m really enjoying how this story is developing, can’t wait for more. Excellent excerpt!

  2. E D, your writing continues to intrigue me. You paint a full picture of inner thoughts and dialogue to fit what’s going on. Thanks.

  3. Great scene and so real! I want to know what changed her mind. LOVE the band names. I’ll bet you had fun with that.

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