Weekend Writing Warriors 3/23/14 #WeWriWa

Not My Thing coverThis week continues with the story from last week, “Not My Thing,” which will be released as a free short ebook by Evolved Publishing either later this month or early April.

When The Dancing Freemasons embark on their first major tour, Jeff’s dreams of being a rockstar have come true – until he can no longer connect with the music. One night after a show, he meets a woman who might be the one to get the music flowing again, but is the cost worth it?

Last week, he mentioned his band’s name and she responded, “Who?”

It’s getting cold, and the night air isn’t helping his headache, his missing sense of touring equilibrium. It’s time to go back in. Might as well end whatever this is before it gets much further. “Actually, I’m in the Dancing Freemasons.”


“I thought you looked kind of familiar,” the girl says as she finally turns to look at him. “I’ve never met a famous musician before.”


Jeff laughs. “Two seconds ago you said you’d never heard of my band, and now I’m famous?”

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  1. Terrific eight. A backhanded comment to the musician from a stranger is enough to make him even more insecure or. . .

  2. Can’t wait to see what she says next LOL. This is an interesting story and another excellent excerpt.

  3. She sure can flip-flop! :-) It does make me wonder what happens next. :-) Nicely done.

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