Weekend Writing Warriors 12/22/13 #WeWriWa

smallerFutilitycoverI’m switching gears this week, from my newly-released novel to a snippet from a short story collection I hope to release this spring.

Artie’s grandfather fought in WWI, and his father fought in WWII. He’s been drafted for Vietnam, but he doesn’t want to go. In this scene, he’s trying to spend as much time as he can with his girlfriend before being sent over.

“It’s just a real bummer, you know?” said Gina. “Here I thought we were going to get married some day, have a family, a big house and all that. But how can I marry you if you’re dead?”


Marriage. The word echoed in Artie’s mind. The marriage deferment was nonexistent, but maybe, just maybe, if he married Gina, he’d have a leg to stand on when reporting tomorrow. Maybe they’d take pity on a newlywed, give him an extra week, buy him some extra time to come up with a real excuse.


“So what’s stopping us?”

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  1. I wonder what is really the most important for him and how much he loves her, because he seems to have decided to go against his heart anyway.

  2. Without knowing the backstory at this point, I’m not sure getting married is his best idea, but I can’t blame him for trying.

  3. I know back then people did a lot of desperate things to get out of being sent to Vietnam. I woder what effect his plot will have on his life!

  4. Not getting themselves off to a great start, are they? This snippet rings very true to me though, as far as what some people did try…excellent excerpt.

  5. This little snippet drew me in, and made me want to know what will happen next. Good job!

  6. ohh, there’s a whole lotta not-so-good stuff coming, I’ll bet! Just in this short snippet you’ve set up a lot of potential storylines. Great job!

  7. Warning lights flashing! Why is she so sure he’s not going to survive? And his reason for wanting to get married is not a good one. Sure it might help him in the short term, and maybe even her as well, but in the long run it could be a disaster.

  8. Not really a good reason to get married.

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