Happy Holidays!

Some random thoughts on my Christmas this year:

  1. A couple deer ran across the road in front of my car on Christmas Eve. How cool a story would it be to tell everyone I killed Prancer and Vixen?
  2. There were a lot more families at the movie theater on Christmas night than I expected. Also, American Hustle is not appropriate for little kids.
  3. No one likes the Christmas Shoes song. No one.
  4. I only made 6 kinds of cookies this year, compared to the dozen+ I usually make. I think I’m okay with that though.
  5. This year’s Christmas was pretty low-key. I think that next year, instead of ham or turkey, we’re getting Chinese. I would’ve done that yesterday but I’d already bought a ham.
  6. I have 134 unread books on my Kindle, with two 20-hour flights approaching. While I plan to make a sizable dent in my list, somehow I don’t think it’ll happen.
  7. And finally, this:

holidayflowchartHappy Holidays, everyone!

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