Weekend Writing Warriors 11/10/13 #WeWriWa

Three weeks until the launch of my first novel, The Lone Wolf! I’m planning some giveaways for the week of December 2nd, so make sure you’re checking back.

After her husband’s infidelities are revealed, Kasey Sanford just wants to rediscover who she is. After an abusive childhood and years as a career soldier, Andrew Adams just wants someone to tell him that he’s doing the right thing with his life. When their paths cross, Kasey and Andrew embark on a tumultuous journey that demonstrates just what they’re willing to do to save the ones they love.

Last week, Kasey was checking out her new town and caught a guy staring at her at the bookstore. She’s been back there almost every day since trying to see him again.

While browsing McKay’s history section, walking backwards reading the titles, I bumped into the blue-eyed man, who was engrossed in the military history section.

He scowled at me for a brief moment, but as recognition dawned in his eyes his expression softened.

“I’m so sorry,” I said as heat rushed to my face. “I wasn’t paying attention, and I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“No harm, no foul.” The corners of his lips drew back into a smile, or perhaps a smirk. “You come here a lot, right? I’ve noticed you around.”

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  1. I wonder if he planted himself there on purpose, thinking she might come by. Pretty realistic reactions from both of them I think. Wondering what this guy’s going to do next :)

  2. Wonder just which one of them planned that “bump and meet” . Great snippet.

  3. At last they meet by accident on purpose. The story unfolds in an intriguing way. Thank you.

  4. Very promising! I love they way they bump into each other, accidentally on purpose…excellent excerpt!

  5. This is so fun. I’m enjoying this game of cat and mouse…but which is which?

  6. He’s probably doing the same thing she is! :-) They were destined to meet, yes? Looking forward to reading what develops with these two.

  7. I wonder if he has been haunting the bookstore on purpose too.

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