Weekend Writing Warriors 7/7/30 #8sunday

Today’s snippet is more of the story I’ve been posting from for the past couple months, about two immigrant farmhands in America right after WWI. Joop joined the army to liberate his village from the Germans, but he never saw combat, something that’s haunted him for the rest of his life.

Ophélie sat little Maarten on the bed, where he watched his parents with big eyes. “You want to talk about disappointments, Joop, about lies? How about you as a soldier? You never even saw fighting, just sat around while everyone else got the glory. How’s that for a lie, my false hero?”

She kept talking, but for Joop the room had gone silent. False hero. How long had she known? 

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  1. No one knows a person’s heart more intimately than a spouse, especially a woman. You’ve opened up an opportunity for her to either dig in and make the wound worse, or for her to open the wound to remove the infection of shame and remorse… I wonder which way it will go?

  2. Oh dear, this is a tense moment. Can’t wait to find out what he says to her and where they go from this revelation. Excellent excerpt!

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  4. She really hit straight where he wasn’t expecting her too.
    Now will he accept it or deny it?

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