Weekend Writing Warriors 6/30 #8sunday

Today’s excerpt is from the 5-part story I’ve been posting from the last month or so. In this one, Artie is leaving for Vietnam the next day and really doesn’t want to go. He’s spending his last day with his girlfriend, Gina.

“It’s just a real bummer, you know?” said Gina. “Here I thought we were going to get married some day, have a family, a big house and all that. But how can I marry you if you’re dead?”

Marriage. The word echoed in Artie’s mind. The marriage deferment was nonexistent, but maybe, just maybe, if he married Gina, he’d have a leg to stand on when reporting tomorrow. Maybe they’d take pity on a newlywed, give him an extra week, buy him some extra time to come up with a real excuse.

“So what’s stopping us?”

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  1. oh my goodness, there’s a *whole lot* going on in this excerpt! You did a great job here, ED! I’d love to find out more about this story :-D

  2. Oh dear, disaster looms ahead in so many ways! Terrific snippet!

  3. Lots of stuff/info in just a few lines – well done, Ed, well done!

  4. At least Artie and Gina have already talked about marriage… I hope it works out for them, but I’ll bet it won’t be as easy as that! Great dialogue!

  5. Ah, a quick trip to vegas?

  6. Interesting character choice. It’s not a typical hero going off to war story. He doesn’t want to go–like so many didn’t, but he”s admitting it–at least to the reader :-) Good 8! :-)

  7. A packed and emotional eight there.

  8. Are they really going to get married just because he doesn’t want to go to war? He seems so uncertain about everything in life.

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