Weekend Writing Warriors 4/14/13 #8sunday

Today’s eight are from one of the stories in the collection I’d like to release next winter, and I’m pretty sure this story is directly linked to last week’s.

Alec (who also appears in my flash story “The Kindness of Strangers” in The Indiana Horror Anthology 2011) is some kind of incubus-like demon who travels around devouring souls and just generally causing destruction and chaos.  In this excerpt he’s lured Brianna, someone he met at a bar, back to her apartment and already incubus-ed her, but she’s not passing out/dying like they usually do.

“I know it sounds like something from a bad romance movie but you complete me, Alex.” She giggled and reached out for him, saying, “Kiss me again.”

Alec stared at the woman in front of him, barely believing what was happening; it had been so long since a woman asked him for a kiss, not since- A name buzzed in his subconscious, a name from before.

He frowned, trying to catch that name, that memory. It had been so long ago, whatever life he’d come from, that he’d given up trying to remember any of it. For so long he’d been focused on sowing chaos and feeding on the ensuing fear and despair, unable and unwilling to think about before, and now Brianna was triggering it all for him.

“Who are you?” he whispered.

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  1. ED, this is great. Tables turned on a seriously bad guy. I’ll tune in next week.

  2. Ooh, love it when things don’t go the way the bad guy expected. Or is he going to end up being a good guy? I’m thoroughly intrigued – terrific snippet!

  3. Oooo! The hunter is caught! I love it.

  4. Sad that he’s forgotten the name of someone whom he once held so dear. Perhaps that’s a key to turning his existence around?

  5. Terrific cliffhanger at that last sentence.
    I’ll bite- this sounds interesting. I like you have her internalizing the conflict. great job.
    My 8

  6. It really is a great cliffhanger! Dang, I really hope you post more of this. I love how your mind goes to spooky places and you have no trouble writing about it pretty clearly. Neat!

  7. Very intriguing 8Sentences – nicely done with characterization, reveals and cliff hanger ending to the eight. Nicely done

  8. The mystery here is fabulous. It pulls you right in.

  9. Ooo, nice! Love the soul devouring! :D Enjoyed your 8!

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