Weekend Writing Warriors 3/17 #8sunday

Today’s chunk is from a story I just finished, “A Wedding,” about about two people who were best friends growing up but drifted away after graduation: she went to law school and he went into the army. Now a decade later they’re both back in their hometown, trying to figure out where – and if – they fit in each other’s separate lives.

I plan to self-publish a short collection of related stories towards the end of May, and this one will be included.

Previous snippets can be found here and here.

In this excerpt, it’s Eli’s wedding day. He’s at the old quarry instead of at the chapel, reminiscing with Abby about the first time they went fishing there with his dad.

“I was running along the path, and I tripped and fell and knocked my loose tooth out, into the quarry. I looked all over the shoreline for that stupid tooth, because I knew the tooth fairy wouldn’t leave me any money without it, and then just as we were pulling up our lines for the last time, I caught a five dollar bill.”

“Yeah, I remember.” It had taken me all afternoon to find a time when he was distracted enough for me to slip the money onto his hook, all my allowance I’d saved up for a month. I’d gone without ice cream for the rest of the summer.

“I was convinced the quarry was magic,” he said with a faint smile. “When you broke your arm in our spaceship, I dragged the cardboard from our rocket and threw it in here too. I thought maybe it would make your arm heal faster.”

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  1. So charming, ED. Who hasn’t talked old times and laughed. This is special considering where they are.

  2. Aww, nice memories they’re sharing – terrific snippet!

  3. What an innovative way to connect the characters to the location. Great job!

  4. Usually I don’t go “aww” unless there’s a cute animal involved, but I love this scene. That last bit in particular makes Eli endearing but not in a syrupy way. Cool excerpt.

  5. Lovely! Made me smile! :)

  6. Ah, the nuances of young love.
    Nice 8.

  7. That’s sweet. It’s a shame things can’t stay that simple in our lives.

  8. Such a sweet snippet! Good post, ED!

  9. fantastic snippet ed – lots of character reveletation in just a short bit about both Abby and Eli. Definitely catches and holds my interest not only for the neat memories being shared – but also wondering why Eli was there instead of at the chapel. Nicely done.

  10. Sorry – the Anonymous above is me (Susan Stuckey)

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