Finding the right place to write

Like most people, I have the best intentions when I sit down in front of my computer to tackle a project, be it writing a story, researching a setting, applying for jobs, etc.

And like most people, I tend to get distracted. There are forums and instant messages and Cracked.com, a cat grooming herself on my feet wanting to be noticed and fed, snacks and drinks and late night burger runs, Spider Solitaire, and so on.

Fortunately, I’ve found a great place to write:

There’s no internet except what I can get with my phone. Very few people around. A clean bathroom. A great view (visible from my car too; I don’t sit outside if it’s cold or rainy).

Where do you go to write, read, or just get away from life for short bursts?


    1. Kitchen table, looking out at Pike’s Peak and our amazing view. It has to be super quiet, though, so best at home, not in a smoky cafe like Hemingway :).

    2. Although cafes and malls are great for writing down fragments of conversation or ideas for future stories.

    3. Unfortunately for me, my best place to write is… anywhere but here. And here is the only place I can get to…

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