Six Sentence Sunday 9/16 #sixsunday

This week’s six are from “Soulless,” a paranormal horror story I wrote last winter and forgot about.  With some polishing, it should be submittable soon.  Louise, the MC, wakes up to a demon telling her he has her soul, and she has three days to get it back.  She starts talking to herself and hearing voices inside her head.

Okay, so maybe you’re crazy, but maybe you’re not though. Maybe the demon is monitoring you. 

“Putting those thoughts in my head.”

Clues, hints, guidelines.

“If it’s giving me clues, then what am I supposed to do next?”

The gods demand a sacrifice.

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  1. Very creepy. You’ve managed to convey so much about her state of mind, just through thoughts and “dialogue”. I’m curious about where she is and what she’s doing whilst having these creepy thoughts.

  2. Cool! You had me thinking, here’s a normal person trying to deal with something wild in a pretty normal way, and then you toss that last line out! That was great. I definitely want to see more of this one. :D

  3. This sounds great, it’s wonderful when you find a story you’d forgotten about isn’t it!

  4. Love the concept, thought the excerpt was VERY effective at expressing her thoughts! Can’t wait to read the whole!

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