#Free book + Six Sentence Sunday 8/19 #sixsunday

Today’s six are from “Tim and Sara,” the story I recently listed on Amazon.

Sara puts her hands on my shoulders, stares me in the eyes. “This is real important, what I have to do. My soul is on the line, Tim. My soul. They told me this is my last chance for redemption. And I know you have issues too, but I can’t let you mess this up for me, comprende?”

Like what you just read?  You’re in luck! “Tim and Sara” is available free on Amazon through Monday!  Get it, read it, review it, and tell your friends!

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  1. Hi,I’m glad you’re back and that you’ve got some good things happening. I’m still out of a job too, and living with family too, so I sympathize with the unsettled feelings that go along with the whole situation.

    Sara seems pretty determined here and that sets up possibilities for tension and drama of all kinds. Good job!

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