Six Sentence Sunday – 1/22/12 #sixsentencesunday

Another 6 from my novel WIP, The Lone Wolf.  The MC is spending the night at her friend Andrew’s place after a fight with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

I crouched down next to Andrew’s head and gazed at his troubled features, fascinated by his vulnerability, wondering what could disturb this man’s sleep so deeply.

Without thought, without hesitation, I reached my hand out and lightly stroked his cheek, felt the sandpapered texture of a day’s worth of stubble. As my fingers touched his skin he sighed softly but didn’t wake. I left my hand resting gently on his face and the tension melted from his body, his features calming, becoming more relaxed. It crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be able to explain this if he woke but I pushed the thought away. Once he was breathing slowly and rhythmically, once I was certain that the nightmare had passed, I leaned forward and lightly kissed his sleeping lips, then stood and returned to bed.

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  1. That’s beautiful. Love it!

  2. Very sweet and descriptive visuals. I felt like I was touching his cheek, too.

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