Six Sentence Sunday – 11/27/11 #sixsentencesunday

Seeing as how it’s almost the end of NaNo, I’ll go for one more scene from A Handful of Wishes, this year’s novel about Zeke and his genie, Paribanu.

Zeke took her chin in his hand again, gently this time.  Paribanu stood completely still, looked straight into his eyes.

“I need you.”  His lips brushed hers.  “I wish you could be what I needed right now.”

“As you wish.”

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  1. Ooh, good set up! Dying to know what happens next.

  2. Okay, I’m intrigued…that last line is a wonderful hook!

  3. Someone needs to learn to watch what they’re saying around genies. Well done!

  4. I agree with Vivian. Those genies will pick up on everything.

  5. lol, if only we all had genies. ;-)

  6. Oh, you’ve got to be careful with genies, they’re tricky. Great six!

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