Six Sentence Sunday – 11/20/11 #sixsentencesunday

Another chunk from A Handful of Wishes, this year’s NaNo novel.  In this scene, Zeke is twelve.

“Ezekiel Thomas Archer, what in God’s name is going on up here?”  asked his aunt as she stared straight at Paribanu.

“Aunt Keira, I can explain,” exclaimed Zeke, bolting upright and away from Paribanu, who remained calmly at his side.

“Oh?” asked his aunt, cocking an eyebrow at him.

He couldn’t, of course. How could he explain a strange girl sitting beside him, especially one dressed as exotically as Paribanu? How could he explain that he had his own wish-granting genie?

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  1. Seems like you are getting a great novel out of NaNo. Well done.

  2. I could see where you might have a bit of trouble with that one

  3. Awe! I want my own wish granting genie!

  4. His own genie?! Lucky kid. I like the sound of that name, Paribanu.

  5. Lucky thing! Wish I had a wish-granting genie! :D

  6. Don’t we all want one of those?! :-P

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