Zodiac signs as character building

Awhile back, I mentioned that figuring out a zodiac sign for your character is a great way to help with character building.

In my current WIP, The Lone Wolf, the female MC, Kasey, is definitely a Cancer.  Home matters to her.  She’s nice and squishy and lovable under her protective shell.  And if you mess with her family, she’ll kill you (well, maybe not that last part).

Andrew was a bit tougher to crack, but I’ve determined that he’s a Sagittarius.  Adventurous, caring, blunt – that’s him.

On Twitter I follow XStrology, who posts zodiac tidbits for all the signs.  I read through them and it’s like daily character insights (for me too; I’m the epitome of a Pisces).

This just popped up today: “#Sagittarius men wish they could stay and love you forever but know that they are incapable. He’d rather not break your heart. He’d leave.”  That pretty much sums up Andrew’s role in the novel.

So if you’re struggling with your characters, or just want more insight, I suggest you follow this guy.  It’s a great resource if you’re lazy.  :)

Today’s follow-up question:  What sign are you?  Do you find its traits fit you or not?

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