Six Sentence Sunday – 9/11/11

I’d gotten a letter shortly after we got over here.  I didn’t save it; no need because it always read the same.  Always the same thing with my girls, every deployment.  I’d get back to civilian life, find a good one that maybe someday I could settle down with, raise a family with, and then I’d find myself shipping out.  I’d get over here and shortly after get a letter saying she “has needs” and I’m not meeting them, it’s been nice but fuck you she’s gonna find someone else.  It was enough to make anyone swear off relationships altogether.

Andrew age 34, from The Lone Wolf.

I finally remembered to sign up on the official Six Sentence Sunday website this week!


  1. Pobrecito! He just hasn’t found the right one.

  2. Can’t wait to find out if Andrew remains a lone wolf!

  3. I’m glad you signed up so I had a chance to read your six. Good stuff.

  4. Wow! Such an emotional snippet, makes me root for things to change for him. Nice work! ^_^

  5. Great characterization in these six!

  6. Sad, but understandable from both sides.

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