Weekend Writing Warriors 10/12/14 #8sunday

newtimandsara2October = Halloween = horror!

Here’s a snippet from “Tim and Sara,” about two friends who escape from a mental institution. In this scene, Sara has busted them out and trying to talk Tim into not having another episode like last week’s.

“Okay, Tim, enough of that,” Sara says to me as she puts her hands on my shoulders, stares me in the eyes. “This is real important, what I have to do. My soul is on the line, Tim. My soul. They told me this is my last chance for redemption, and I know you have issues too, but I can’t let you mess this up for me. Comprende?”


Can’t mess it up for Sara (messed it up for Ellen for Paul for Mama where’s Mama no sign of her just blood just Paul’s hand Ellen on the floor). She shakes me, and I nod.

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  1. OMG, what have we here? Two broken people, one more than the other. ED. you’re a wonder.

  2. Spooky (inagoodway) how you can put us into the mind of a mentally disturbed person so smoothly through the use of the inner thoughts. Now I’m intrigued by Sara and the stakes for her. So, great 8!

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