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Results of the 8 Hour Ebook Challenge

Last week, author/blogger J.A. Konrath issued a challenge – write and publish an ebook in 8 hours. About 140 people responded, and he published a link to everyone’s works. Some were serious, others absurd.

I decided to try it. I wrote a story under a pen name (no, I won’t tell you which book is mine). It went live on Friday, set for free for the next five days through Amazon’s Kindle Select program.

On the first day, before Konrath had written his post and with no advertising or acknowledgment, it had 80 downloads. By last night, the last day of the promotion, that number was close to 400, and at one point it was in the top 2500 for Kindle downloads. Not bad for something that took about eight hours to write, format, and publish.

But will it translate to sales? I’m thinking of turning it into a (super secret) series; if I get the next one done soon enough, will people pay for it after reading the first one? Can I build momentum for these books with no additional advertising on my part?

Only one way to find out. :)

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