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Stand-Alone Stories and Collections

"Tim and Sara"

The victim of debilitating flashbacks, Tim is content to spend the rest of his life at Kirkbride, a state mental hospital. But his friend and fellow resident Sara is concerned that she has to save her soul before it's too late, and so she devises a plan to break them out of the hospital. Can Tim help his friend while holding onto what's left of his sanity?

Us, Together: A Short Story Collection

Six stories about the problems teenagers face, from relationships and unplanned pregnancy, to absent parents and poverty, loosely based on stories and students ED Martin encountered while teaching at-risk kids.

Not My Thing

When The Dancing Freemasons embark on their first major tour, Jeff’s dreams of being a rock star have come true – until he can no longer connect with the music. One night after a show, he meets a woman who might be the one to get the music flowing again, but is the cost worth it?

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