Fall 2023 goal review

My quarterly-ish check-in on my annual goals.

2023 goals

  1. Write daily. Still no. Between work and school, I don’t really have time for much of anything, let alone writing.
  2. Publish weekly. Still nope. Maybe some day.
  3. Share a new crochet pattern monthly and finish a project weekly. I’ve made a couple new patterns. It’s fall craft show season, so I’ve been finishing a lot of stuff to sell.
  4. Continue to live more sustainably. I currently have ten chickens. Ten. No one needs ten chickens. I’ll probably get more next spring. And I’m planning on a backyard greenhouse still this fall. Once I get lights on my bike, I’d like to start riding to work again. We moved locations and I’m now closer to work, without a giant hill, so the only thing stopping me is having to ride there in the dark (and also waking up exactly 23 minutes before work starts, which is as close as I can push it and only be a couple minutes late. If they didn’t want us using that 7-minute grace period they shouldn’t have given it to us).
  5. Blog regularly. My site is still broken and I don’t have the time to call tech support to fix it.
  6. Read 100 books. 21/75. I don’t think I’m going to make it.

If you’ve set goals for yourself, what are they? How are you doing with them?

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