New cover for an old short story collection!

A few weeks ago, I updated the cover for my short story “Tim and Sara.” Now I’ve also breathed new artistic life into another backlist book, Us, Together: A Short Story Collection.

Us, Together cover

No one ever said being a teenager is easy. These six stories are proof.

An unexpected pregnancy leads a high school student to plan out his life with The One, but does she feel the same way?

When substance use drives a father from his family, can his son fill his shoes?

A troubled home life pushes a girl to her teacher for help, forcing her to realize what she wants might not be what she can get.

When a historic flood threatens two teens on opposite sides of the river, can they realize what matters most before everything is destroyed?

As an undocumented student struggles to get an education, can he keep learning when he can’t even control his life?

When a young girl looks for love and belonging, who will help her find it in the right places?

These six short stories, all loosely based on stories and students ED Martin encountered while working with at-risk kids and families, highlight the struggles teenagers face today, from relationships and unplanned pregnancy, to absent parents and poverty.

Like “Tim and Sara,” this collection is just $.99 and available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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