Weekend Writing Warrior 7/26/20 #8Sunday

Wow, it’s been almost two years since I’ve participated in the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop, and it’s good to be back – with a new release, no less! This week’s excerpt is from “The Maiden in the Tower,” my retelling of Rapunzel set in the Viking-infused world of The Heartsbane Saga.

* * * * * * *

The Maiden in the Tower cover“Race you,” Carys called to her friends as they ran from the village green to the river bordering their tiny village.

“No fair,” one boy shouted after her, “you already started!”

“Then you should run faster!” Carys said with a laugh.

Carys didn’t actually care about winning. For her, the race was all about the rush of the wind in her long hair, the feel of the cool grass beneath her bare feet. She had lots of chores waiting for her in her father’s small cottage on the edge of the village, but right now, on this beautiful spring day, it was all about the moment.

“Carys,” a voice boomed after her, “Carys Tew!”

The children stopped and looked at each other, wide-eyed.

“Oh, Carys, you’re in trouble now,” one boy whispered.

* * * * * * *

Find out just what kind of trouble Carys is in by getting “The Maiden in the Tower,” just $.99 at Amazon, then post a link to your eight-ten sentence blog entry or join the fun at the Weekend Writing Warriors website.

* * * * * * *

About “The Maiden in the Tower:”

Rapunzel – with Vikings!

Carys barely remembers her life before her father sold her to pay his debts. Locked away in her mistress’s chamber, she doesn’t dare to dream of anything better for herself, until a chance encounter with a traveling merchant changes her life forever.

Storm has traveled the lengths of the known world, yet when he sees a servant girl locked in a tower, he knows he’ll do anything to rescue her.

Can Storm and Carys overcome the obstacles in their path and reach the happily ever after they both want?

The Maiden in the Tower is a standalone short story that accompanies a series of fairy tales retold in a world of Vikings. If you like sassy heroines, adventures spanning the medieval world, and a touch of romance, you’ll love The Heartsbane Saga, E.D. Martin’s new historical fantasy series.


  1. Welcome back!

    Yes, the use of both the first and last name by a parent is never good.

    1. Yep, she’s in for more than she could ever anticipate.

  2. Welcome back! :-) Congrats on the new release! Sounds like a good, short read. Just bought it.

  3. Good to have you back and congrats on the new release!! Love her sense of freedom – it’s universal regardless of era!

    1. Yep, that sense of freedom is something kids seem to possess no matter where or when they live!

  4. Welcome back!
    Carys loves her freedom and I fear it won’t last.

    1. No, unfortunately, she’s about to have a major lifestyle change.

  5. Enjoyed the snippet, sounds like a terrific book from the blurb, best wishes for the new release!

  6. Don’t tell me playful young Carys is about to sold!

    1. Yeah, but it won’t break her spirit!

  7. The use of both your names is never a good thing. lol

    1. Yep, especially when you’re in a tiny village where no one even has your first name!

  8. Welcome back. And I’m with other comments about the use of her full name … not a good sign at all!

  9. Fun snippet. I’m already rooting for her.

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