Weekend Writing Warrior 7/22/18 #8Sunday

After All coverThis week’s excerpt is from one of my end-of-the-world stories, “Special,” that’ll be included in an upcoming collection. It leaves off from last week’s excerpt, where a young boy told his friends he had grass growing under his bed.

* * * * * * *

I’d forgotten about it by morning, like I forgot about most of what he said, until at breakfast Yaya asked, “Where’s Niko?”

“He’s by the lake,” I answered, without hesitation.

“What lake?” Yaya’s eyes narrowed, probably suspecting this was another of Niko’s tricks he’d convinced me to go along with.

“The one at our old plantation.”

She grabbed my arm, her eyes wide in disbelief. “Tevi, has Niko gone Outside?”

“Yes.” I closed my eyes, honing in on where my brother was. “He wanted to find some grass to show Szymon.”

* * * * * * *

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About After All:

Nuclear war. Plague. Asteroids. Financial collapse.
Dystopian governments determined to exterminate anyone different.

Through it all, humanity struggles on.

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  1. Uh oh! Doesn’t sound good. Nice job with the reaction in this snippet.

  2. Intriguing snippet! So much information in so few words. Drew me right in and now I can’t wait for the next peek.

  3. Uh oh, going outside sounds like a really bad idea! Can’t wait to read more – I love post apocalyptic stories. Great snippet!

  4. I’m officially hooked. Great snippet! I loved how Yaya’s fear is clear and direct in so few lines.

  5. I like how you lead us gently but inexorably to the realization of what Outside must be.

  6. I’m wondering what might happen, since going on the outside seems dangerous.

  7. Great snippet! Don’t mind if I do read the rest of “Special.”#8sunday

  8. The tension in this snippet really comes through!

  9. Usually going outside is pleasurable. Now I’ll think better of leaving home.

  10. Oooo what does going Outside mean???

  11. Going outside is fine. Going Outside is dangerous, I can just tell. o.O

  12. You got me hooked with this snippet. Can’t wait for next week to find out what Outside means.

  13. Intriguing snippet – always a good twist when something that should be natural and normal is hinted to be rather more sinister!
    (I forgot to register for this round of snippets but my post is up at https://hywelalyn.blogspot.com/2018/07/sunday-snippets-weekend-warriors_21.html )

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