Tuesday Tournament – Portland vs Portland

I travel a lot, all over the country. This past summer I wandered out to Portland, Oregon, and I was in Portland, Maine, the year before. So, today’s topic –

Which Portland is the best?

(Feel free to define best any way you want.)

We have two contenders this week:

  • Portland, Maine
  • Portland, Oregon

Portland, Maine:

Lobster and amazing fresh seafood. Lighthouses and the ocean. Tons of breweries and restaurants. Hipsters. A weird museum of fake conspiracy creatures, including a giant beaver.


Portland, Oregon:

Amazing fresh seafood. Mount Hood and hiking. Tons of breweries and food trucks. Hipsters. Tree octopuses.


So, readers, which Portland is the best?

In addition to voting in the poll, if you leave a comment below explaining your choice, I’ll randomly pick one reader to receive a free copy of my upcoming ebook, “Spice Pirates.”

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  1. I should begin by stating that I haven’t visited Portland, Oregon, and I was born and raised in Maine about an hour from Portland. So I’m likely quite biased… However, Portland, Maine, is my definite favorite. Especially because of the ocean…and the Whaling Wall created by Wyland on 1993! I hope you had a chance to see that mural when you were there, because it’s beautiful. Oh, and all the lovely local donut shops. So many good donut options!

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