Tuesday Tournament – Which Shia LaBeouf video is the best/weirdest?

I like to do a lot of “this vs that” with my clients, and so I thought maybe I’d extend it here to my blog too.

I’ll admit – Shia LaBeouf is not my favorite actor. The Transformer movies are stupid, and I haven’t been impressed by anything I’ve seen him in. Also, his last name sounds like “the beef” in French (le boeuf).

But when it comes to amusement on the internet, few people can surpass Shia. And with that in mind, today I’m introducing a segment I’m calling Tournament Tuesday, where my readers can vote on which thing is the best/worst/weirdest/whateverest.

Today’s topic:

Which Shia TheBeef video is the best?

(Feel free to define best any way you want.)

We have three contenders this week:

  • Songified JUST DO IT!!!!!
  • The cannibal song by Rob Cantor
  • Sia’s “Electric Heart”

Song 1: “JUST DO IT!!!” ft. Shia LaBeouf – Songify This

So, a few years back, Shia went off on a motivational rant as part of a film student project, resulting in such useful (?) videos of this one below, which was turned into a song by the talented folks at Songify This.

Song 2: “Shia LaBeouf” by Rob Cantor

Based entirely on no facts or context whatsoever, singer/comedian Rob Cantor wrote a song about Shia LaBeouf the cannibal. And then he got a bunch of choirs and dance troupes to help him perform it live.

Song #3: “Elastic Heart” by Sia

We know by now that Sia is kinda weird, but this video is out there, even for her.

So, readers, which video is the best?

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Which Shia LaBeouf video is the best?

In addition to voting in the poll, if you leave a comment below explaining your choice, I’ll randomly pick one reader to receive a free copy of my upcoming ebook, “Spice Pirates.”

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