Weekend Writing Warrior 2/14/16 #8Sunday

This month’s excerpts will be from the next stand-alone short story I plan to release (still working on the title). I don’t have a blurb yet either, but it’s about an American guy’s up-and-down relationship with a French girl.

While leaving France to return to the States, he reminisces about time spent with her.

* * * * * * * * * *

“I want to be one of them,” Mireille said, pointing across the plaza at a man strumming unrhythmically on a guitar.

“Mmhhm,” Daniel murmured noncommittedly, engrossed in a newspaper someone had left at their cafe table.

“Or one of them.”

Daniel’s gaze darted upward; this time she’d pointed at a Roma woman surrounded by shopping bags and children. “You wouldn’t be able to paint your toenails as often as you do now.”

Mireille’s brow furrowed until finally she nodded and said, “You’re right – it would be much better to be one of those.”

“A pigeon?”

“To be able to fly, Daniel, to not think of anything but the wind and pieces of baguette on the ground.”

“You definitely wouldn’t be able to paint your toenails.”

* * * * * * * * * *

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  1. It’s fun to dream, and then the toenail-painting realities bring you back down to earth. Lovely snippet!

  2. This may be the first time I’ve heard a character wanting to be a pigeon. BTW, I forgot to sign up this week, but my snippet is here http://eahoornaert.com/2016/02/13/effing-feline-21316/.

  3. I wonder how important painting her toes is to her. He seems to think it’s a top priority!

  4. This whole bit made me snicker. Toenails are important, damn it! But then again, maybe if you flew most of the time, your feet wouldn’t get so tired, and thus pedicures wouldn’t be so fabulous. Who knows? Thanks for sharing!

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