Weekend Writing Warrior 8/30/15 #8Sunday

LW coverThis month, I’m pulling from my women’s fiction novel, The Lone Wolf.

When Kasey’s marriage falls apart, she turns to Andrew, a soldier she just met, for help. But their friendship pulls up a past he’d rather avoid. Can Kasey save Andrew from himself while saving her marriage too?

In this scene, Kasey is working in her garden, but her husband David is trying to convince her to cook him breakfast.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Remember the first time you spent the night at my place? I woke up to the smell of waffles. Waffles!” David said with a laugh. “I knew you were a keeper when you made me breakfast.”

I smiled at the memory and said, “Yeah, well, no waffles today.”

“Does that mean I get something else for breakfast, because you’re just what I had in mind.” He pulled me to my feet, leaned in to kiss me, but pulled back and wrinkled his nose. “Damn, you need a shower first.”

* * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Oh my, I hope she kicks him in the balls. Seriously? Make your own waffles, mate!
    Lol, going by me response I’d say your snippet is great. It definitely makes me respond emotionally;).

  2. I feel fireworks coming, unless they just got done crawling out of a sewer together.

  3. And one romantic mood shattered…very effective snippet!

  4. This guy’s not a keeper.

  5. There goes the romance. Men!

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