Weekend Writing Warriors 6/14/15 #8Sunday

coverThis week’s excerpt is from “Of Gods and Floods,” the fourth story in my short story collection, Us, Together.

Richie and his older brother Eddie live in a small rundown town with no future. In this scene, Richie is practicing his jumpshot. Eddie overheard him tell a friend he thinks maybe he’ll end up in the NBA some day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“And how exactly you planning on getting into the NBA?” Eddie asked as he leaned against the chain link fence next to the court, a cigarette in his hand. “You ain’t even on the school team, not that any agents are gonna be hanging around here looking for players.”

“I’ll practice real hard.” I paused, then swooshed the ball through the netless hoop. “And maybe they’ll come through town some day while I’m playing and they’ll like me so much they’ll put me on their team.”

Eddie opened his mouth, then shut it and walked away with his friends, their cigarettes clasped between their fingers.

Later that night, as I was sitting in the kitchen working on my math homework, a firetruck zoomed by our house. But I heard the sirens so often anymore I didn’t even look up.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. You’ve painted the scene well. I’m rooting for Richie already. :-)

  2. Such a contrast between passion and resignation, both Eddie’s and Ritchie’s.

  3. ED, so touching; dreams of a young man that will never come true or will they?

  4. Great foreshadowing, ED. :)

  5. Well at least he has a dream…interesting snippet, a lot of emotion and things unsaid. Great excerpt…

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