Weekend Writing Warriors 6/29/14 #WeWriMa

For June, I’m pulling from my horror/paranormal universe stories. This week, it’s from a still untitled story about Sara from “Tim and Sara” and Alec from “The Kindness of Strangers.” It takes place before either of those stories.

Paranoid schizophrenic Sara falls under the spell of not-quite-human Alec. In this scene (which takes place right before “Tim and Sara” starts), Sara is trying to process what happened with Alec.

He lied.


I nod at this. Of course he lied. I’ve been here, in this room, listening to the voice berate me, reassure me, for months now. Not once has he visited, has he called, has he shown any sign I’m still alive.


The voice becomes a shadow, sitting next to me on the padded floor. I used to scream but it just made the voice angry. I don’t like the voice when it’s angry.

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  1. Effective and spooky in the extreme. Well done snippet!

  2. Scary, ED and quite wonderful in just a few words-like a cliff hanger. Makes one wonder what happens next-always a good thing.

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