Weekend Writing Warriors 5/25/14 #WeWriMa

stavkirkeContinuing on with the Viking theme, here’s an excerpt from a short story I’m working on, “There Are No Vikings in Montana.” Jill has been seeing some weird stuff recently – a chupacabra and a walking tree, among other things – and now she thinks she’s seeing a Viking too. She’s finally confronted him, and he’s informed her the tree is actually a dryad.

“A dryad,” I repeated, my tone dripping with disbelief.


“Yes, it is a tree spirit.”


“I know what a dryad is.”


Again, his look that implied I was an idiot.


I hurried to explain, “Dryads aren’t real. Or Vikings either, for that matter.”


Before I could move away, he reached over and pinched my arm, then asked, “Could I do that if I were not real?”


“Fine, maybe you’re real, but I’m still not buying the whole dryad thing.”

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  1. I love this dialogue. So much character in a few short sentence. If I were the viking I might point out that vikings were real just not in this day and age. But then of course, in this universe they appear to be still around so that might be beside the point.

  2. Loved the snippet, the Viking seems real to *me* LOL. So why not a dryad? Can’t wait for more, really an interesting story going on.

  3. ED, you have an amusing and possibly a love story going on here. Charming.

  4. I love this. A Viking who appears to be a bit of a smart-ass. He seems real enough to me :-)

  5. As mentioned by others, the “reality” of the Viking and the dryad differ.

  6. I think I’m gonna like this story : ) More please…

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