Weekend Writing Warriors 5/11/14

Continuing on with the Viking theme, here’s an excerpt from a short story I’m working o n, “There Are No Vikings in Montana.” Jill has been seeing some weird stuff recently – a chupacabra and a walking tree, among other things – and now she thinks she’s seeing a Viking too.

I turned to look back and sure enough, that guy was still there, watching me intently.


“Did you see him?” I asked Amy.


“See who?”


“That guy, the one with the sword and kilt.”


Amy looked over her shoulder. “There’s no one there.”


I looked back again. She was right; he was gone.

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  1. Ooh, liked it! Now I have ALL sorts of questions and want to keep reading – excellent excerpt!

  2. So is he in her head, or is she halfway into another world?

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