Weekend Writing Warriors 4/6/14 #WeWriWa

Not My Thing coverThis week continues with the story from last week, “Not My Thing,” which will be released as a free short ebook by Evolved Publishing in early April.

When The Dancing Freemasons embark on their first major tour, Jeff’s dreams of being a rockstar have come true – until he can no longer connect with the music. One night after a show, he meets a woman who might be the one to get the music flowing again, but is the cost worth it?

For the last few scenes, Jeff’s been awkwardly chatting with that woman. Last week, he asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat.

They end up at a Denny’s by an airport, where Jeff orders a greasy breakfast plate, and Lisa goes for pancakes.


She watches him as he tears into his food, her fork suspended over her own plate. “Don’t they feed you guys?”


He shakes his head, swallows down the bite in his mouth. “Rock stars get free booze, not food. It keeps us happier.”


“If it’s that bad touring, why do it?”


“It’s the music, pure, one hundred percent about the music.”

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  1. You’ve captured the scene so well. He’s a purist about the music. Love this eight. He’s not the typical swaggering rock star who screams incomprehensible lyrics and expects instant gratification. I like your hero.

  2. I can picture the Denny’s…I think I might have been there once : )

  3. I like that he’s about the music and I wonder if her questions will help him reconnect with his Muse. Enjoyed the snippet, makes me want second breakfast!

  4. Denny’s is the perfect setting for this conversation — a place that just about everyone can relate to. I can envision him gobbling down (“tears into”) his food while she watches, amazed at how he shovels it in! Terrific scene.

  5. True answer from a true musician. For them, the tours are about the music. Nice dialogue exchange and I liked the fact that this snippet takes place in a Dennys

  6. All booze and no food? No wonder musicians have so many drunken brawls!

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