Weekend Writing Warriors 4/20/14 #WeWriWa

Happy Easter! Today’s story, appropriately and irreverently enough, comes from an unfinished short story I wrote a couple years ago, “Noah’s RV.” It’s a modern day retelling of Noah’s Ark, with one awesome exception.

Noah set to work fortifying the RV, attaching metal plates to every surface. He quickly became the object of ridicule by his neighbors.


“You planning on camping around robotic bears?” joked one neighbor.


“Paranoid a bit?” asked another. “You expecting the apocalypse or something?”


“Been listening to those televangelists and preppers too much lately?”


Tired, worried – no, scared out of his mind by what was coming – Noah finally snapped. “Yes; I’m preparing for the zombie apocalypse.”

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  1. Oh I LOVE it! I want to read more…hope you decide to finish it someday.

  2. Hahahah! Awesome, ED. So great, and wonderful snippet. :)

  3. Nice dialogue exchange. Interesting that you chosen a modern day version of Noah’s Ark.

  4. Write on, E.D. What a premise. And he’s preparing for something dreadful. So what happens next? Anxious in NY.

  5. Awash in the undead…build that RV strong!!! Funny concept!

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