Weekend Writing Warriors 2/2/14 #WeWriWa

It’s apparently February. Already. How is it already February??

Okay, enough of that. Since February is the month of love, today’s excerpt is from “The Kindness of Strangers,” a short story I wrote for The Indiana Horror Anthology 2011. It features one of my few recurring characters, a guy named Alec who makes a brief uncredited cameo in “Tim and Sara” as well as several as-yet unpublished stories.

In this story, Laura left her friend’s party after seeing her ex with another girl. It started raining as she was walking down the road, and Alec offered her a ride.

Laura couldn’t tear her gaze away from Alec’s. She’d never seen eyes like his before, two black holes sucking her in. “He broke up with me, said I was too unstable for a relationship.”


“That hardly seems fair.”


Laura found herself pouring out the story: her devotion to Sam, their unexpected break-up, her attempts to get back together, his refusal to have anything to do with her, her anger at seeing him with other girls. “He’s doing it on purpose, in front of me, just to rub my nose in the fact that I can’t have him,” she concluded.


“And that makes you angry, right, because you deserve him and no one else does?” Alec’s eyes gleamed.

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  1. Oh! It sounds like Alec might be feeling a bit protective!

  2. Love this excerpt! I think it’s so true, that sometimes we feel the safest pouring our hearts out to relative strangers. Alec sounds like quite an intriguing character. Great work! :)

  3. Uh oh, Alec seems just a tad too eager to know all this, like he’s egging her on for his own reasons? Great snippet! (I’m all pondering the whys and wherefores…)

  4. Lots of emotion, here. And what is he drawing her into.Oy! As soon as I read “horror”, my creepy factor radar switched on. Good 8, ED!

  5. Poor girl! Great emotional writing.

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