Weekend Writing Warriors 2/16/14 #WeWriWa

Continuing with the love theme for February, and picking up where we left off last week, today’s excerpt is from “The Kindness of Strangers,” a short story I wrote for The Indiana Horror Anthology 2011.

In this story, Laura left her friend’s party after seeing her ex with another girl. It started raining as she was walking down the road, and Alec offered her a ride, and a chance to vent.  Last week he gave her a powder that would ensure no one bothered her ex again.

Alec gripped her wrist and said, “Give him the powder.”
Laura nodded.
Alec let go of her. She massaged her burning skin, and when she looked up, Alec and the car were gone; just Laura, standing on the edge of the road.
She turned, walked with deliberate steps back to the farmhouse. Inside the crowd had disappeared, only her friend Megan left sprawled on the couch.
“Laura, where have you been all night?” Megan asked as she sprung up from the couch.
Laura paused and said in a flat voice, “I’m going to get Sam back.”

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  1. Scary stuff going on since she took the powder and now everyone has taken a powder and disappeared. YIKES. What an eight!

  2. Deliciously creepy, ED! After reading bits of your likable and sweet characters, it’s great to see something a little different. As usual, these people are realistic…despite the creepy stuff!

  3. Eep! Scary how everyone just disappeared, but it’s her determination that really gives the scene the edge.

  4. Nice eight, ED. You’ve built good tension.

  5. Oh, I’m not feeling good about the way she said that. Great job of creating suspense.

  6. Wow, she’s going to give him the powder…yikes.

  7. SO ominous and foreboding! I really dread whatever is going to happen next, so great job and powerful excerpt!

  8. Uh oh! What’s in the powder? And why was he so eager to share it with her?? Good 8! :-)

    Your video is cute, by the way.

    Overwhelmed? Part of, I guess, comes from actually being too busy. Part of it is your mindset. Sounds like you’re a go-getter. You have half the battle won. Still, don’t pass up an opportunity to steal and hour or two on a regular basis for yourself. :-)

  9. Strange powder + disappearing guy = run like hell the other way! But does she? Noooo. Love it!

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