Weekend Writing Warriors 10/20/13 #WeWriWa

43 days until my novel, The Lone Wolf, launches – that’s only 6 weeks!

After her husband’s infidelities are revealed, Kasey Sanford just wants to rediscover who she is. After an abusive childhood and years as a career soldier, Andrew Adams just wants someone to tell him that he’s doing the right thing with his life. When their paths cross, Kasey and Andrew embark on a tumultuous journey that demonstrates just what they’re willing to do to save the ones they love.

Last week, Andrew argued with his girlfriend Lauren over whether they should move from Kentucky to North Carolina so she could take a new job. She informed him that she was going, with or without him.

Nine months ago, when I’d gotten back from my latest deployment, I’d resumed my job at the police station. One weekend we’d had a basketball tournament against teams from the hospital and fire station, and Lauren had been there. A mutual friend introduced us, we’d started talking, and we just clicked. A lot of people assumed it was just sex, but there was more to Lauren than her looks; she was smart, funny, and great with people. We’d been together for six months, and I liked her. A lot.

I wasn’t sure if it was love, if she was The One, but I would never know if we ended things now. “Fine, I’ll go.”

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  1. no Andrew, don’t do it. Or at least I want to tell him that. LOL. he seems like a great guy but I have the feeling things aren’t going to work out. great 8

  2. I gotta love a guy who’s willing to do some hard things to make a relationship work, even if it eventually falls apart. Super snippet, as usual :)

  3. Love the backstory because after last week, I was calling her a bitch. But, with only six months under their belt, I understand her better. Great use of the 8’s!

  4. Oh boy. You’ve got me worried and that’s good. fine eight. Thanks, ED

  5. Oh dear, moving without giving it a lot more thought than that is probably going to backfire for him. I appreciated the backstory, not too much, not too little, just right! Great snippet!

  6. That’s no way to make a decision on a move! Wow…I sense impending doom for these two for sure.

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