Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker: series review

During a discussion of writing blogs to follow, someone in my writing group mentioned that of Lindsay Buroker, a self-published author of the fantasy series Emperor’s Edge. I checked it out and noticed her first book in the series was free. Within a couple weeks, I’d read the whole series.

Amaranthe Lockdon is an enforcer (police officer) in a city resembling a steampunkish Rome. Female enforcers are rare, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to move up the ranks. While investigating a crime, she catches the attention of both the emperor and his head guy, who offers her a secret job – take out Sicarus, a rogue assassin. She ends up learning there’s a plot against the emperor, gets outlawed, and forms a band of merry men – alcoholic bookworm, male escort, surly (illegal) sorcerer, and mute warrior – to secretly defend the young emperor in the rest of the books.

This series has something for everyone – romance, action and adventure, worldbuilding, swords and sorcery, math puzzles and mysteries. The seven books, plus two related novels and numerous short stories, are a quick, smooth read. AND the first book, The Emperor’s Edge, is free.

One of the best aspects for me, however, is that the author is self-published. She wrote a series that’s every bit as professionally polished as one you’d get from the Big 5. AND, through her own efforts, she’s been successful enough to quit her day job and write full time.

I highly suggest you read at least the first book. And then try to keep from devouring the rest of the series.

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