Weekend Writing Warriors 6/9 #8sunday

Today’s snippet is more of the story I posted from last week, about two immigrant farmhands in America right after WWI.  Joop has promised his brother Georges he’d stay away from his fiancée, Ophélie, but she’s been going out of her way to run into him.

In this scene, Georges has passed out drunk while walking home from the tavern where Ophélie works. Joop is trying to figure out how to get him home when she drives by.

“It’s Joop, right?”

A thrill raced through Joop as she said his name. “Yes, and you’re Ophélie.”

“You work at my uncle’s farm.”

Joop nodded.

“And you won’t talk to me.”

“It’s complicated.”

“Perhaps you could talk to me as I give you and your brother a ride home?”

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  1. Him refusing to talk to her makes him all the way more attractive, or she might have something to ask.

  2. Went back and read last week’s also. Unless it is specified in a previous part of the story – where are they immigrants from?

    Both snippets are very nice. Well done.

  3. Joop? Sounds Dutch. This could be the beginnings of something dangerous between him and Georges (which sounds French, but they’re brothers, yes?). Interesting triangle. :-)

  4. Trouble! I want to read that conversation, right now :)

  5. The characters are from Belgium, right on the Dutch border. So it’s a mix of French and Dutch names (basing this off my ancestors who are from the same area).

  6. Trouble on the horizon now! Excellent excerpt, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. Ok, I’m ready for more!

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